How to Not Be Shy Around Your Crush


Speaking with someone you find attractive is usually not an easy feat, especially if you find him or her VERY attractive (i.e.: you have a crush on this person). And if you are also a shy person, talking to your crush can become a real challenge. I’m Anand Mishra Tathastu, and today I want to give you tips on how to not be shy around your crush.

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Tips On How To Be Confident While Speaking


Public speaking is one of the biggest fears that people have. It is often mentioned as a bigger fear than even death. For whatever reason, people tend to have a difficult time speaking in public. The main reason for this is that they lose all of their confidence in this type of situation. Below, Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling has given us some key advice that will help you learn how to be confident while speaking.

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How to Be Positive and Happy and Influencing Others through It


We lead very hectic and stressful lives. For many of us, that stress can manifest into negative emotions and bad moods. It can have a serious impact on our state of mind. It can accumulate and reach the point where it robs us of our happiness. 

To make matters worse, being unhappy increases the negativity that you give out and receive in turn. It sucks all of the positivity out of the air and leaves us with nothing but bad feelings.

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Backpacks for College Guys – Things You Need to Know About


Kartikeya Sharma, a reputed name in the media industry, recently shared some shocking statistics that revealed that as many as over 28,000 students in the US suffer from backpack-related injuries. This shows how important it is to find good college backpacks on the market and choose one that fits your needs well.

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