How to Not Be Shy Around Your Crush


Speaking with someone you find attractive is usually not an easy feat, especially if you find him or her VERY attractive (i.e.: you have a crush on this person). And if you are also a shy person, talking to your crush can become a real challenge. I’m Anand Mishra Tathastu, and today I want to give you tips on how to not be shy around your crush.

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1- Don’t be too hard on yourself too fast:

Learning how not be shy around your crush is a process that takes time. For example, if one day you only manage to exchange just a couple of words with him or her, don’t beat yourself for not having the courage to talk for longer. Progress is progress.

2- Set concrete and manageable goals for yourself:

Each goal should be simple enough that it shouldn’t look like an insurmountable obstacle to you, and should pave the way for the next one. Focus on each of them without thinking about what comes next. For example, your first goal could be just saying “Hi” to your crush for 3 days in a row whenever you two casually meet. The next one could be striking up small talk for a few seconds. And after that, you could go for a deeper conversation to see what you two have in common.


3- Mental rehearsal:

Confidence comes from repetition. The more you are exposed to a situation, the more confident you’ll feel the next time you have to deal with it. And it’s been proven that visualization of the situation has very similar effects. Take a few minutes each day to imagine realistic scenarios of you and your crush interacting. You’ll notice how the next time you two meet or talk, you’ll feel much more at ease.

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